ALTERNATE FAITH brings together the distinctive  flavors of both Western and Eastern worlds, creating a fresh new sound  and redefining the boundaries of  modern rock  as we know it...

Inspiration sometimes sprouts from the most unlikely places.

Some years ago, hiding in a shelter, a young girl was writing her first song. Outside, war and destruction were sweeping the land. Fiction? Hardly. And as it often takes great hardship to unleash great passion, being in the wrong place at the wrong time may have never been so right.

Born in Europe and raised in Beirut (Lebanon), Faith was, at a very early age, exposed to exotic music and rhythms.

"Both Western and Eastern blood flow equally through my veins. From France I inherited my artistic nature. From Lebanon I drew inspiration and exoticism. From the U.S. I received knowledge and most of all the love of Rock music."

Today Faith, with her project ALTERNATE FAITH, brings together the distinctive flavors of both Western and Eastern worlds, creating a fresh new sound  and redefining the boundaries of modern rock  as we know it...


"Brutally honest! A tale of emotional survival and strength. "                                                        

Having grown up in a country torn by war, Faith didn’t have a usual childhood. 

“My music was a way to deal with what was going on at that time. The violence, the destruction, the fear... I also saw the faith and hope of the people around me and they inspired me. They never gave up on their dream for Peace. In Lebanon, I learned that everything is possible if you believe and that my dreams could become reality if I had faith. That is why I named my band ALTERNATE FAITH"

ALTERNATE FAITH's strong message comes through today with many songs such as "Dear God", "Forgive", and "Reach Out".

"Reach Out is a song deeply inspired by war and how people come together in time of need to help each other. I remember being a refugee and how people would open their doors for you to give you shelter, even if they did not know you. Together we waited for the bombing to stop, together we hoped, together we prayed, together we survived".

It is amidst these troubled times that Faith wrote her very first song.

"I was only twelve when I wrote my first song. We had been stuck in a bomb shelter for 23 days, with no electricity nor running water. We ran out of food... We ran out of everything. Then one night, our last candle burned out. Darkness settled in. The night seemed never ending. I played my guitar in the dark... And then ‘it’ happened. It was a very powerful moment.”


"Unique sound. Passionate and invigorating" 

                                                          — THE SUMMIT


Seeking to grow as an artist and perfect her craft, Faith moved to the U.S. to study and learn from the best in the music field. Today, she invites us to a new exciting journey through her vision and music.

"When you live in a country ravaged by civil war, you are in essence isolated from the world around you. So you cannot draw ideas from other known artists and you are sheltered from any influences. The only source of inspiration is YOU. I had to dig deep inside me, be truly creative and forge my own sound, my own music path. This turned out to be a blessing in deed and has taught me to do my own thing and to stay free from trends and molds".

"The lyrics and music are fresh and new" 

                                                    — EL VAQUERO 

Flavoring her catchy hook-oriented songs with exotic world instruments, FAITH is indeed taking modern rock to another dimension.

A charismatic and passionate performer, Faith juggles the guitar, sitar, Oud, Tampura and mandolin with ease while impressively delivering raw rock vocals as well as ethereal Eastern chants. She is also one of the rare  rock artists to play traditional acoustic sitar live on stage. Exotic melodies tastefully spice up infectious hooks. Raw vocals bite through the earthy textures of her acoustic twelve string guitar, her sitar, Oud or mandolin...  Through her passionate, colorful and haunting music, Faith bares her soul and heart with a disarming honesty. Music and lyrics, both equally strong, intertwine to create powerful songs that will echo in your head long after they end.

"Spellbinds long after the music stops" 

                                                        — EL COYOTE 

Armed with a distinctive yet infectious sound, ALTERNATE FAITH stormed the American airwaves with their first release "Out Of Nowhere", rapidly climbing the top 30 charts of many radio stations. The hit song "Beirut" held its number One position at the top of the charts on KSJD for 10 whole weeks, while the album itself was voted "Best Album" and the band "Favorite band". "Out of Nowhere" literally leaped out of nowhere to remain on this radio station's chart for over 10 months. Meanwhile, another station, KSSU reported ALTERNATE FAITH to also be the number #1 on their charts for 3 weeks in a row. Overall, over 120 stations played the self release and as many as 14 charted it. 

Without missing a beat, Faith once again was in the recording studio to capture 13 new exciting songs for the second album "A voice in the dark". This follow up effort was to feature the sitar on several cuts, including "Little Circles", "If" and  include some of the exotic instrumental pieces (such as "Etheria") which have made this band a big hit on the BORDER's music stores acoustic circuit. Now ready to record an acoustic album to compliment this acoustic tour, Faith shares her latest thoughts about her musical journey.

"Alternate Faith is very tight with an impressive display of musical talent" 

                                             — UCR PRESS

“ALTERNATE FAITH is not about the love of fame or money. What is important is to put out strong songs that have a lot of heart, a lot of passion. To create music that will touch people deep inside, that will inspire them. Sharing the music that lives inside me with the world out there is the only dream worth living for. It’s a dream I‘ve had all my life. Just as I have learned from the people I grew up with in Beirut "Nothing is impossible if you believe". Now my dream has become reality.” says Faith. " On this new album I am bringing several wonderful instruments to the sonic picture. Expect a lot of very exotic textures. The sitar, the tampura, the sarod, as well as the aborigine didgeridoo will all find their spotlight in my songs. But most of all, I am also returning to my roots by adding a couple of more Middle Eastern sounding instrumentals featuring the Oud, a wonderful instrument I grew up with. The release will also include acoustic versions of some of our second album's best cuts, as well as several brand new songs which are very promising. I feel very blessed that talented musicians have believed in my vision and wanted to share this journey with me, both live and on this new album. There are many wonderful people playing with me right now, that are part of  what ALTERNATE FAITH is today."


This killer chick fronted band rules!!" 

                                                — ROCK CITY NEWS


As ALTERNATE FAITH remains one the most elusive and best kept secrets on the underground scene today, it has never lost any of its magic. Faith's music has further blossomed over the last few years to encompass an even broader range of world influences. Today she brings a universal message through the universal language of music.

"I have traveled so much, and experienced so many cultures, I feel that I am a citizen of the world, a heart without frontiers. I miss Lebanon and I miss France, but I have fallen in love with America and my home is here now, in Los Angeles. This is where I feel I belong." says Faith. 

"From the ethereal ornate vocals of the Sufis to the raw energy of modern rock, my musical journey takes me through it all. My artistic horizon is forever expending, I would need three life times to explore it all ! Always learning and exploring is the secret of artistic bliss."


To catch ALTERNATE FAITH live at one of their in store performances, click here.