"Alternate Faith was founded in the summer of 1994. I have been going non-stop since, hopping from one studio to the next, from one live concert to the next, from one deadline to the next, without ever catching my breath. I felt it was time to stop, take a big breath and take a step back from it all." says Faith with a smile. "Working so hard can be draining, and a drained artist will soon be one with nothing more to give. This year, I have taken the time to stop and replenish my artistic juices."

Artistic juices that are still flowing quite strong, judging by the new material Faith is currently working on. But this time, no pressure, no deadlines, no compromises.

"I feel liberated. I have chosen my path and it has set me free. No longer shall I worry about anything. This is a time for harvest, a time to savor it all. A time to be who I am to the fullest. I don't need to please any executives, I am not signed and I am loving every minute of it. No corporation has its grip on me and I can basically do whatever I damn please. A good place to be artistically wise."

Gearing herself toward getting started on her new album, Faith is looking forward to performing live a few more times before heading back to the studio.

"Even though I did enjoy my break, I am very much looking forward to getting back on stage. Playing live is what it's all about! I never feel as alive aswhen I am on stage, sharing my music with people."

For a listing of scheduled events, click here.


ALTERNATE FAITH to record acoustic album

Acoustic and intimate, this will be the flavor of ALTERNATE FAITH's new album, which the band aims to start recording this summer and complete by year's end.

"No fluff, no icing on the cake, no extra baggage. Nothing but the core and essence of each piece

The new acoustic album will be a long play and will include unplugged versions of the band's most popular songs plus several new cuts and instrumentals never before released. This album will be the third release for ALTERNATE FAITH.

"I have always loved unplugged version of rock bands songs. I am a firm believer that if a song sounds great 'unplugged', then it is a great song in deed. As of late, I am leaning towards an acoustic world sound more and more, so recording this unplugged album was the next logical step. I look forward to sharing it with all of you very soon..."

As for a title for this exciting new record, Faith smiles and adds:

" Usually the album title is the last thing to fall into place. But this time, I have a title before the album is even started! This word just 'came to me' and when I heard it I thought "this is what my next album will be called". Just one word, but I think it fits the concept very well. So our acoustic release will be called  CHARISMA ". Currently there is no target date for the album's release, so come back for updates.


BORDERS can't get enough of ALTERNATE FAITH


This is ALTERNATE FAITH's fourth year performing on the acoustic BORDERS BOOKS AND MUSIC stores circuit, and the band is more popular than ever. With more live shows booked this year than ever before, 2003 promises to be a very "live" year for the band. Addition of new exotic instruments, such as the Tampura and the Middle Eastern Oud will undoubtedly gather the crowds.

"We had an incredible show last week in Santa Barbara. People were standing everywhere to catch a glimpse of the exotic pieces. The chants seem to hypnotize them. And we sold lots and lots of CDs. I can tell I am onto something, big time." comments Faith

Many of the stores book the band several times a year, but now some are wanting ALTERNATE FAITH to be a regular event, due to demand. Thousand Oaks BORDERS will now have the band perform every third Saturday of the month year round. 

"The key here is that we offer something that people don't get to see and hear. The music also touches them deeply and they respond. Now we have to get back in the studio and capture the magic of those gorgeous ethereal exotic pieces on tape. We hope to add 3 to our existing LP within the next two months."


ALTERNATE FAITH completes their new video


It is official, the first ALTERNATE FAITH promo video has officially been completed. It is now available to music industry representatives both in VHS and DVD formats. The video aims to give a good overview of what ALTERNATE FAITH is all about, complete with live footage of concerts, songs excerpts, press quotes, radio airplay / charting and live feedback from the audience. All in a short, to the point, potent 6 mn video.

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